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Hermes 2009 L'Echappee Belle! Luggage Tag

Hermes 2009 L\'Echappee Belle! Luggage Tag


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Description: **** NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN HERMES BOUTIQUE !! only given out to THE PRESS or VIPs as novelty/promotional gift ****This Hermes L'ECHAPPEE BELLE! is a wonderful and cute accessory to hang on your Birkin, Kelly or any other bags. The photos shows how it looks on a Hermes Barenia Birkin 40cm ( The Birkin is for staging purpose and NOT included ). Year 2009 is the year of travel. L'echappee belle! means the beautiful escape. On the back of the tag you can have your name and address stamped on. The original instruction from Hermes is to write with ball pen. Let's go travel in the wonderful & whimsical world of Hermes !! :)    

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Hermes 2009 L
Hermes 2009 L
Hermes 2009 L
Hermes 2009 L